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Welcome to NicktheNurse.com!

Why NicktheNurse.com?

My name is Nick. I started this site to help nursing students and nurses learn more about nursing and how to pass (or ace!) their nursing school exams and the NCLEX. I loovvvvvve to teach! If just one student uses my website to pass the NCLEX, then I will consider this endeavor a success.

Who is NicktheNurse?

I have been in nursing since 2007, and worked in healthcare since 2001. I have worked as a travel nurse (medical-surgical), charge nurse, nursing instructor (RN and LPN/LVN), house supervisor, unit manager, nursing director, and even as a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). If you are really nosy (or incredibly bored) you can check out my linkedin.com profile.

I am a certified nurse educator (CNE), certified nurse executive (NE-BC), certified medical-surgical nurse (CMSRN), and certified emergency nurse (CEN). I am also a licensed nursing home administrator. I have masters degrees in nursing, public administration, and education. I also have a law degree (currently studying for the bar—not a lawyer yet) and have an undergraduate degree in history (go figure!). I enjoy spending time with my family, including my wife, Jessica, who works in education with the local school district, as well as my eleven year old son Nico, who loves to play chess, and my eight year old daughter Emily, who loves cooking with me on the weekends.

Questions or suggestions about what you would like to see on this site?

If there are nursing topics that you don’t see on this site but would like for me to make videos or articles about, please feel free to contact me at nick@nickthenurse.com or through the contact form on our homepage.


The purpose of this website is to help prepare students studying for nursing school examinations and for the NCLEX. This is not clinical advice, medical advice, or legal advice. Should you require medical attention, medical advice, or legal advice, please seek out the services of a licensed medical or legal professional in your state or jurisdiction. I am not a doctor or lawyer and do not give medical or legal advice here.




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