Why NicktheNurse.com

I have really wanted to start a blog at nickthenurse.com for quite some time.

I would like to focus and hone in on my true passion of nickthenurse.com should be about: nursing education. As a former nursing instructor and certified nurse educator, I am very passionate about nursing and nursing education. I think that ensuring that providing prospective nurses and current nurses are well educated and informed that lives can be saved and careers can be made.

I am currently in nursing management with a large non-profit-corporation (disclaimer: who does not necessarily support or endorse any viewpoints expressed by me on this site). This blog will allow me the opportunity to teach as I don’t do as much teaching as I would like to in my current role.

I am currently debating the format for this particular site. I have gone back and forth as to whether or not there should be articles, videos, or both.

For right now, I am really considering doing articles. I can generally type in excess of 80 words per minute when I am very interested in what I am typing. But, I have been looking for a way to crank out high-quality content in a faster, more efficient and accurate way. Its not that I don’t like to write, because I really do. Its just that I want to write so much that I need to allocate my resources, most notably my time, in the best possible manner for me. I have tried utilizing Dragonspeak, the dictation software. However, after spending nearly $100 on the downloadable version, it leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, its pretty accurate, but the problem is that when I speak a sentence I have to say “comma” or “period” where one should be. I guess that is not such a big deal, but I really haven’t had the time to practice using it. I am so used to composing on the computer writing as I am now that I am not sure if I will be able to use Dragonspeak or other dictation software.

Video, on the other hand, allows me to appear candid, speak whats on my mind, and not have to worry about typos, either spoken through Dragonspeak, or via my phalanges striking the keyboard. I am worried that with video, I won’t be able to get accurate transcripts on Youtube.com videos that I record. This will make it more difficult for those searching for online nursing education materials to find my site through search engines.

I am also considering doing both. Perhaps I can write an article and then narrate a video. I dunno. Its something that I certainly need to think about.

Either way, I am excited to finally have decided to dedicate the time and energy that I need to make this blog successful. I hope that you or someone you know is able to learn from my articles and/or videos, and that I learn a lot in the process as well.